Some friendships you make later in life, you know school, university, or maybe traveling the world.
Some are made for you, from birth & then a combination of love, luck, effort & good fortune combine resulting in a friendship that is more like sisterhood.

This i am so proud to feature, the beautiful wedding of my oldest girlfriend (in years not age!) and her perfect match Nick.

Emily and i have been friends since before i can remember. Our mums bonded over having baby girls at the same time and had many a mutual friend. So for them it was bliss.
There are more photo's of us in nappies, dress ups, awkward school photos than i care to share here... but what i am bursting to share is the love of this pair.
I did not expect for Em to ask me to be a part of her bridal party, and it was one of my lifes greatest honours so far.

Add to the list that this girl is about as loyal as they come. Would break her own back to help you out (oh did i mention she is a children's nurse and i have a 2 year old! Sorry for the late night calls)
Her beauty shines - literally, and her laugh is contagious.

My life is all the richer with her in it & this is a snippet of the magical day Nick and Em said "i do".

Photography At Dusk