Every bride is completely different. Some can be worlds apart. 

At my bridal trials i do this big speal about how wedding day makeup is totally different to every other type of makeup. It needs to last. It needs to look fresh. You need to look like yourself!

I encourage all of my brides to be super involved in what their wedding day makeup is. Some come with no idea, have no real confidence with makeup, and are happy to leave it all in my hands - that is, afterall what i am here for.

Some brides on the other hand, like the gorgeous Sara really wear makeup. Have a bit of a trademark look. KNOW what they like & then are happy for me to put the Jes O'Brien spin on it.

Brides like Sara to be honest are my favourite, knowing what it is you like & don't like. Being decisive with your makeup look - i live for that! Then i can push the envelope a little with their comfort zone and make them feel like a total glamourzon!


Here are some shots from the incredible wedding of Sara & Drew. The dress is to die for. The amazing photography is from the very talented Justin Aaron, whom i love continuing to run into over and over again during the wedding season.






Photographer Justin Aaron

Venue Roberts Restaurant Hunter Valley

Sara's Dress Steven Khalil

Hair Chic Artistry

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