So with my 60 odd weddings, advertising, editorial & multiple overseas trips each year - i am the first to admit my little ol' website has been a tad neglected (hangs head in shame)

Yes i am a business juggling mama, i have a toddler, and yes i am booked to the brim - but excuses excuses!

So i am very proud that JES OBRIEN MAKEUP has had her own little makeover. 
Don't get me wrong, she was doing a great job representing beforehand, but we have made a few slight adjustments and i hope you love the freshen up.

Now there is only a handful of weddings and editorial featured, and if you have a hankering for more, just come on over here to the blog - where you will find just that, search the hashtags on the right, and that should help sort it out for you.
Also all of my beauty writing features, will now be featured soley here on the blog.

Better yet we are compatible to view on your phone & or tablet - cause who are we kidding? We are all scrolling online on our iPhone with our feet up watching whatever reality television show has taken over our lives, whilst also catching up on Instagram - don't tell me i'm alone!

So here she is - harder, better faster, stronger* 
but more importantly so fresh and so clean clean**


Thanks for coming by - i hope you'll pop by again, I'll make sure to have the kettle on - oh! and tell your friends!

* yes thats daft punk
** oh and Outkast

*** it's midnight ok, and i may be getting a little delirious (read - a lot delirious)


Lastly - that Babe above - is Izi, and this is from a little beauty shoot i did with Matt Briggs.
I love a bit of glow...